The Quran on Exhibition of Tiny Books in Ternopol

The Quran, which size is 18 x 23 millimetres, became the smallest book of the exposition.
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The Quran became the smallest exhibit on the exhibition of tiny books from the private collection of a townsman Illarion Pilipets which was opened on October, 25th in the Ternopol regional library for youth.

In the exposition are exhibited the books which height does not exceed hundred millimetres. In the collection of the inhabitant of Ternopol there are more than hundred of tiny books. The smallest of them is the Quran, which size equals 18 x 23 millimetres, stated the owner of the collection I. Pilipets.

The Holy Scripture of Muslims on the original language is decorated by a refined case. And the oldest book of the collector is "Letters" by Rasul Gamzatov, published thirty years ago. The size of this book is 45 x 55 millimetres. The collector possesses the newest Ukrainian edition - the book-miniature "Health on Bee's Wings", too.

On the exhibition which was opened in the regional centre, bibliophiles learn many interesting facts from history of tiny publishing in Ukraine and the world.


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