Dzhemilev Shared His Solidarity Prize With Families of “Heavenly Hundred”

Dzhemilev Shared His Solidarity Prize With Families of “Heavenly Hundred”
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Mr.Mustafa Dzhemilev, Crimean Tatar People’s Affairs Commissioner for the  President of Ukraine, gave EUR 100,000 of his Solidarity Prize to relatives of the Heavenly Hundred.

— This sum is rather symbolic, it’s just money, but we wanted to express our gratitude to the families and relatives of those fallen patriots who helped set Ukraine free. We’ll always remember those people and their sacrifice for each of us. Thanks to it, we live in a democratic state now, and it’s important to always remember that, — said Mr.Dzhemilev at a briefing.

Relatives of the Heavenly Hundred were also present at the event held in Kyiv on July 21.

According to Mr.Dzhemilev, the prize wasn’t meant for humanitarian programmes, so he had to ask the Head of the International Solidarity Fund first in order to give this money to families of those fallen on Maidan.

— I addressed to Mr.Krzysztof Stanowski, President of International Solidarity Fund, and explained that I wanted to give part of the money to families of the fallen Heavenly Hundred. I’m very thankful to him for understanding and supporting my choice.

It bears reminding that Mustafa Dzhemilev was awarded with a Solidarity Prize, Polish State Award, in Poland on June 3, for his long-lasting Human Rights activities. In terms of the Prize, the nominee himself gets AUR 250,000, and another AUR 750,000 is used for democracy-developing programmes in his country. US President Barack Obama himself arrived to Warsaw for the awarding ceremony.

In February 2014 more than hundred people were killed in the centre of Kyiv as a result of conflict of protesters with law enforcement troops, hundreds were wounded. February 20 was the most tragical date. Most of the fallen were hit by bullets of snipers who drew beads on people’s necks, faces and hearts. Later the fallen heroes were named “The Heavenly Hundred”.

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