In Stakhanov Celebrated Mawlid

In Stakhanov Celebrated Mawlid

On March, 5th, more than 70 representatives of Muslim communities of the cities of Stakhanov, Lugansk, Donetsk, Alchevsk, Kirovsk, Bryanka, Teplogorsk took part in a holiday of Mawlid (birthday of the Prophet Muhammad) which took place in Stakhanov's mosque.

On behalf of Sergey Zhevlakov, the city mayor, and executive committee of Stakhanov city council, Muslims were greeted with the holiday by the first deputy of the mayor Igor Matsevich who handed to the chairman of the Stakhanov Muslim religious organization "An-Nur", Ruzalin Sabitov, a picture with the image of the mosque of Stakhanov and symbolical gifts to all participants of the holiday.

Words of congratulations from the city power sounded also addressing to Adelya Kolesnikova who celebrated her jubilee the day before the anniversary. The Social Organization of Tatars "Tugan Tel" which she leads, works in the city for ten years.

The holiday passed in friendly atmosphere, and ended with a traditional entertainment – the visitors tasted hot salma (noodles) and tea with pies and sweets.

Inquiry. Nowadays Mawlid an-Nabi is widely celebrated in many Muslim countries. It consists in reading of prayers and words of remembrance of the Almighty, glorification to the Prophet, poetic narrations and lectures about his life and birth. On Mawlid it is traditional to express pleasure concerning arrival to this world of the last Messenger of God for the whole mankind, to pray to the Almighty, to distribute charity to the poor and to have pious talks with each other.


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