In Sumy Unknown depicted Fascist Swastika on Mosque

Five thousand Sumy Muslims are disturbed by fascism display in their city
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In Sumy unknown desecrated a building mosque, having depicted on its gate a fascist swastika.

As it informs "", the first time on the gates of the building mosque on Belopolsky Highway Street, 4, unknown people depicted a fascist swastika on May, 2nd, this year. But it seemed not enough for them, and they placed some more signs by black and red paint on the Victory Day – on May, 9th.

In total vandals could draw four swastikas. But after that the unknown did calm down and painted up by red paint the information marble board at the gates of the mosque.

Five thousand Sumy Muslims are disturbed by fascism display in their city.

"It is more than hooliganism! Worse, than hooliganism! These are obvious signs symbolizing fascism – against what our grandfathers struggled, irrespective of nationality and religion", - the Imam-hatyb of the Sumy mosque, Hasan, stated.

"I would not like people to turn a blind eye on such incidents. It is a fruit of degradation of the society. The people who made it, knew, where they draw, what they draw and for whom. It is spitting against Muslims", Imam stated.

Muslims reported about the accident to the police.

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