Islam categorically rejects terrorism. Reference of AUASO "Alraid" in connection with 10th anniversary of acts of terrorism on September, 11th, 2001

Islam categorically rejects terrorism. Reference of AUASO "Alraid" in connection with 10th anniversary of acts of terrorism on September, 11th, 2001
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The all-Ukraine Association of Social Organizations "Аlraid" in common with the all-Ukraine social organization "The Ukrainian Centre of Islamic Studies" in connection with approach of the tenth anniversary of September acts of terrorism in the USA acted with the reference, expressing position of Ukrainian Muslims concerning this sad event and consequences which it entailed.

Ten years ago, on September, 11th, 2001, in New York and Washington took place awful acts of terrorism which consequences had great influence on the development of world process within the next decade. In the course of a few hours their victims became about three thousand persons - citizens of 115 countries of the world, including many Muslim countries.

These events became the defining factor of foreign policy of the USA within the following years; and their illumination in mass-media generated worldwide splash of Islamophobia.

Islam, the religion of peace, tolerance and development of a fair society, was identified with terrorism, cruelty and intolerance to other faiths. Despite this obstacles arising owing to this frequently prejudiced treatment, Muslims of all over the world continued and continue to work actively for the sake of the society, to bring their contribution to its development and improvement.

Owing to the aggressive course of the US President of that time, George W. Bush, the world appeared to be on the verge of involving in planetary war of the Western and the Islamic civilizations: struggle against "al Qaida" in the Middle East and on the territory of the USA and the Western Europe threatened to outgrow into the next "crusade" against the Islamic world.

Such "cowboy's" policy did not bring notable successes for the management of the USA, but, on the contrary, - it sharply undermined prestige of America in the Islamic world and considerably destabilized the general situation.

The United States of America and their allies stuck in military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, the American unmanned planes bombed Pakistan and threatened to bomb nuclear objects of Iran. In these military adventures of the USA 6000 military men were killed and billions dollars were wasted, having ruined thus more than 745 thousand persons among the civilian population (Iraq - 655 000, Afghanistan - 34 000, Pakistan - 56 000 persons) and having compelled millions of people to search for refuges in other countries. Moreover, with the beginning of military occupation of Afghanistan heroin manufacture increased in the country; and distribution of the policy of "introducing democracies on bayonets" to Libya and bombardments of this country by forces of the NATO became an immediate cause of death or injuries of more than 5 000 civilians of this country.

Bet on the coercion of the peoples of the countries of the Middle East to accept "the Western model" of democracy, notwithstanding historical traditions, values and mentality of the people of the region promoted radicalization of the local population, creating of a fertile field for activity of the extremist organizations.

Appreciable strengthening of such ugly phenomenon as Islamophobia became the result of this short-sighted strategy. It started to be used by actively radical European and American parties and movements. Bogy of Islamophobia became the convenient tool for considerable part of ruling circles of the Western countries in their aspiration to shift fault for the world financial and economic crisis on the Muslim population of the countries. Emergence of such pathological murderer as Anders Breivik who has gone mad on crazy ideas of struggle against "Muslim invasion" in Europe became natural result of this Islamophobic hysteria.

In the end of 2008 to the power in the USA came the new President, Barack Obama, who started to reconsider and rearrange policy of the United States concerning Islam and the Islamic world. The speech of mister Obama in the Cairo University on June, 4th, 2009, and in the US State department on May, 19th, 2011, was designated by principles and basic directions of the new policy of the USA concerning Islamic world in which basis lie recognitions of the right of the Muslim people on searches of new forms of their worthy existence, and also self-management according to their values and traditions.

Solving role in reorganization of mutual relations between the Western and the Islamic worlds played enormous internal changes in the very Islamic world which were embodied in the large-scale process which received the name "the Arabian spring". This process started the spiritually-cultural Renaissance of the Arabian people, its returning to its national-cultural, spiritual and civilization identity.

Nowadays there is a formation of new system of relations between the West and the Islamic world which, turning to the active subject of historical process, searches for the worthy place in the international community. It is remarkable that original Islam - Islam, which consistently defends justice, human rights, and tolerance, became a spiritual, ideological basis of "the Arabian spring". Such Islam does not require hatred, animosities, terrorism.

Muslims of Ukraine - the integral part of the Ukrainian society – consistently defend inter-religious tolerance, mutual respect and mutual aid. They bring their worthy contribution to the country development in all spheres of life. Followers of Islam are represented in economy and business, in culture, art and spiritual life of the country.

Muslims of Ukraine express their condolences to the victims in the acts of terrorism on September, 11th, and also to their families and relatives; also call to honor their memory by their active position on practical embodiment of ideas of peace, solidarity, justice, freedom, and kind relation towards each other, notwithstanding religious and national-cultural distinctions.

Islam categorically rejects terrorism as means of decision of any problems. This is the religion of peace, mercy, humanity and justice. Quite naturally that we firmly support the line of preservation and strengthening of the inter-religious and international consent and we consider it as the integral condition of successful realization of the course on the European integration of the country. All our work is directed on the decision of these noble problems. In it we see our high mission, proceeding from the requirements of God the Almighty.


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