Ancient manuscript of Quran was found in Germany

Ancient manuscript of Quran was found in Germany
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In the Tübingen University library a fragment of Quran manuscript was discovered which, according to experts, was created at the dawn of Islam - a few decades after the death in 632 of the Prophet Muhammad, the TASS reported, citing the University updates of November 10.

Up to the present time, experts believed that the manuscript was written in the VIII-IX centuries, but the results of the research, including by radiocarbon analysis of dating revealed that it is much more ancient. They assume that with 95.4% probability it dates to the years 649-675 BC.

The manuscript is written in Kufic script, one of the oldest forms of the Arabic script.It came to Tübingen in 1864, when the library bought out part of the Prussian diplomat Johann Gottfried Wettstein’s collection. There are more than 20 fragments of the Quran in the manuscript, the university report says.

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