The second Volume of Popular Scientific Work about History of Crimean Khanate and its Governors is Published

"Masters of two continents. The Crimean Khans of the first half of the XVII century in the struggle for independence and autocracy"
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The second volume of the historical work "Masters of Two Continents" of the known Crimean historian, writer Oleksy Gayvoronsky was published.

As the historian told QHA, his new work is entitled "Masters of Two Continents. The Crimean Khans of the First Half of the XVII century in Struggle for Independence and Autocracy".

The book covers the historical period of 1608-1641 – short, but a rough epoch in the history of Crimea.

In the book it is told, according to the author, that dreaming to weaken dependence of the country on Turkey, the Crimean Khans throw down a challenge of Ottoman Empire and even conclude the union with the Ukrainian Cossacks. However, the forces in this struggle are too unequal, and the freedom-loving aspirations of Khans develop into tragedy of internal wars, which can be extinguished only with great difficulty...

According to Oleksy Gayvoronsky, this book is continuation of his unique in its own way popular scientific work supplied with the full device of references in which in the fascinating popular form is carried out the documentary narration about the history of the Crimean Khanate and its governors.

Nowadays the author works over creation of the third volume which will tell about the events of the XVII century in the history of the Crimean Khans.

INFORMATION. The first volume of the work entitled "Masters of Two Continents. The Crimean Khans of the XV-XVI Century and Struggle for the Heritage of the Great Horde" covers the historical period from 1397 to 1608, an epoch of the first nine Crimean Khans.

Among the cores what rise in the book, are struggle of the first Crimean Khans for independence of Golden Horde and formation of the Crimean Khanate, Crimean-Moscow and Crimean-Ottoman relation of that period, military campaigns of Khans and many other things.


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