The Press-conference “Investment Potential of Ukraine for the Arab Countries” Took Place in “UNIAN”

People’s deputy of Ukraine Konstantin Bondarev and general director of UDC Holding Leonid Bogdanov (Photo UNIAN)
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On the 4th of August the press-conference “Investment Potential of Ukraine for the Arab Countries: Contemporary Situation and Prospects, experience of Ukrainian companies” took place in the information agency “UNIAN". Among the participants in the event were people’s deputy of Ukraine Konstantin Bondarev, general director of UDC Holding Leonid Bogdanov and representatives of Ukrainian companies.

Contemporary business has to adjust to the conditions of the global economic crisis. It is necessary to approach new markets and to change strategy and rules for investments.

Today the region of the Persian Gulf remains one of the leaders for investments. The annual volume of investments from the Middle East to economies of other countries is hundreds billions US dollars. Ukraine has a great potential for attracting investments from the countries of the Middle East. The most interesting fields for Arab investors are agricultural and mining industries, construction and telecommunication as well as projects connected with water and renewable energy.

For over a year UDC Holding has been establishing contacts with Arab states, taking an active part in conferences and forums, dedicated to Islamic financing, and cooperating with the international experts in the sphere of Islamic investments. UDC Holding is the first Ukrainian company, striving to comply with the Shariate rules.

In May of this year people’s deputy of Ukraine Konstantin Bondarev initiated Business Forum “Ukraine-2009 – high time for investments” in Al Kuwait, Kuwait. The official organizer of the Forum became UDC Holding.

Among the participants in the event were Emir of Kuwait, his Majesty Sheikh Al Sabakh; Minister for finance and Minister for oil of Kuwait; Minister for economy of Ukraine; deputy Minister for agricultural policy and other representatives of government; people’s deputies of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine; businessmen of Ukraine and Kuwait. As a result of the Forum, a number of Ukrainian companies made preliminary agreements on cooperation with Arab partners.

In the framework of cooperation between Ukraine and the Arab world, under auspices of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine UDC Holding is going to launch a web-site to provide a possibility of making contacts between Ukrainian businessmen and Arab investors and to create a communication platform between Ukraine and states of the Middle East.

As a part of Ukrainian-Arab cooperation UDC Holding will become an official organizer of the Second annual conference "Investment opportunities in Ukraine", which will take place on the 14th-16th of October, 2009 in Kiev. The format of the event will include lectures, presentations of Ukrainian business projects to Arab investors, discussions and meetings “one-to-one”. Representatives of Ukrainian government, Ukrainian businessmen and Arab investors are expected to take part in the conference.

By UDC Holding

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