In Simferopol Opened Exhibition of Rustem Eminov "Unutma" ("Remember")

"Pain, which I absorbed from my birth, the pain for the deprived and humiliated people. It in the course of time it became overwhelming, it deprived of sleep and rest", - Rustem Eminov, artist and poet.
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On December, 9th, at the Crimean engineering-pedagogical university took place opening of the exhibition "Unutma" ("Remember"), dated for the 92th anniversary from the date of the first Kurultay of the Crimean-Tatar people.

As it informs the news agency QHA, carrying out of this exhibition was organised by the management of the Crimean engineering-pedagogical university with the support of the head of the organisation "Bizim Taraf" of Alim Alimiev.

Aylan Battal the chairman of the Crimean-Tatar dernek in America (New York) became the guest of honour of the exhibition.

At the exhibition are presented photo-reproductions of works of the well-known Crimean-Tatar artist Rustem Eminov, devoted to the deportation of the native people of Crimea – the Crimean Tatars.

"In America art is of great importance. And if the name of an artist is known to the whole nation - this person is respected in the society. Creativity means a lot for our people. We, being in America, found works of Rustem Eminov through the Internet and many of us shed tears. And I wish to express him the gratitude for love to his people", Aylan Battal noted in her opening address.

As Fevzi Yuakubov, the rector of the CEPU noted, Rustem Eminov really could transfer through canvas all the tragedy of the Crimean-Tatar people. "At the exhibition in Kiev, even the people of other nation, looking at these works, shed tears and they said: "God bestow on everyone such love to their people", he emphasized.

From his part Rustem Eminov promised that he will gift these photo-reproductions to university. Besides, he noticed that the only purpose to create his pictures is to open a museum where will be exposed future works on the Crimean-Tatar issue.

Rustem Eminov - one of few figures of the Crimean-Tatar culture who adheres to the following principle, "Our history is "we". We should know the history up to the smallest details, we have no right to hush up even the most unpleasant things - on purpose not to admit similar in the future".

In spite of the fact that the Crimean artist does not have workshop where he could work, Rustem Eminov does not sell his works.

Inquiry. Rustem Kyazimovich Eminov (1950) - artist. The graduate of the art-graphic department of the Tashkent Polytechnic Institute. The participant of the republican and the all-Union exhibitions. A member of the Union of artists of the USSR, the National Union of Artists of Ukraine, awarded in 2007 by the rank of the winner of the award of Autonomous Republic of Crimea.

Works of Rustem Eminov is an art-documentary story about the destiny of the whole people. The main theme of works of R.Eminov are the events connected with violent deportation of the Crimean-Tatar people on May, 18, 1944. Besides, R.Eminov creates a series of images of outstanding people of Crimea. These are group and individual portraits of a Turkist and a poet Bekir Choban-Zade, publicist Asan Sabri Ayvazov, the people's commissar of education of Crimea Mamut Nedim. There are triptychs "Children of deportation" and other works. Rustem Eminov is the author of more than 400 works.

It is possible to get familiar with the works of Rustem Eminov in the media exposition.

By QHA and the Center of Information and Documentation of the Crimean Tatars

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