Mustafa Murtazaev: “To Love God, To Do Good, To Speak Openly – These Are The Principle Of My Moral”

Mustafa Murtazaev: “To Love God, To Do Good, To Speak Openly – These Are The Principle Of My Moral”
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God leads every human being through trying times, and the person’s destiny depends on how he overcomes these circumstances. I expected to see a week and non-public person when I went to the Mustafa Murtazaev paintings exhibition at the Islamic Cultural centre of Simferopol. I learned how wrong I was from the very first minute I met him. It happened that Mustafa was born without his arms - but perhaps this was the factor that made him look for his place in the world, and express his emotions in his paintings since the early youth.

Energetic, a man of spirit, kind and light bringing young man, despite of his physical affliction, brings kindness and beauty to this world with his art, putting a message into each masterpiece: preserve the peace and do good!

“It was very hard for my parents to raise me. I couldn’t walk until I was 9, and my dad took me to Kurgan (Russia) for medical procedures. I grew up convinced that every man has to be strong. Will to live worthy gave me inspitarion - i don’t like when people feel pity for me, - Mustafa says. - There was a situation at a market once, a mane came up and proposed to write a card for me so that I could become a beggar! I just pushed him away and that was my answer.”

As a child, Mustafa was dreaming to become a singer, and spent 6 years studying in a Music School. The brush and easel attracted the boy, and he took the pencil to draw scetches again and again. He used every piece of paper to draw. Finally, Mustafa entered the Art School in Simferopol, and then continued his education in the Academy of Arts in Kolchugino. Last year, Mustafa graduated from the National Academy of Painting and Architecture.

Today the artist has many friends who support him and give him inspiration. “I’m glad I’ve chose this path as every human being must leave something beautiful behind. Many people think that the artist has to be rich, but I don’t think so,” - Mustafa says. - “I’m surrounded by nice and kind people, and I’m extremely thankful to them. When I started painting, I realised that it was much more difficult that digging in the field or going for sports.”

The Artist’s Dream
It’s rather difficult for a modern artist to earn his money, even to simply buy paint. Luckily, many non-indifferent people help Mustafa in his strive for arts.

“Latest events in Ukraine made me think about what the life is and how it can get ruined within seconds. I stand for peace between all the ethnic groups, all the nations and all the confessions. I pray that the peace and kindness would run the world. Of cource, everything isn’t always bright and shiny, and I feel every change and cataclysm,” - the artist says.

He is sure that every human will stand responsible for everything they do in their life. “There are a lot of incomprehensible and undiscovered things in life. I believe that all the bed things will have their end in the future and people will have a better life. My moral principle is to love God, to do good, to speak openly and to know where to remain silent. God willing, the day will come when I’ll be able to sell my paintings and help people.”

Mustafa loves kids and dreams to have his own. He wants to raise them hard-working, honest and able to be useful for people. The artist believes that only good can win, and the trials Allah sends for every human being only make them stronger. “Learning the world around I realise that there’s still so much to do, and I’ve done so little! Every human must pray, fast during Ramadan - those are the things we often forget.”

“Every human being has the right to chose his path: dark or light. After a person passed away, they would be held responsible for what they did,” - the artist summarizes. He truly believes in people and in kindness and thinks that every human being must be thankful to Allah for the life they were given.

Ms.Elzara Yunusova

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