"Due to Russia's occupation many Crimean Tatars turned to religion again" - Nuridin

'Due to Russia's occupation many Crimean Tatars turned to religion again' - Nuridin
Exclusive Interview with an advocate for human rights of Crimean Tatars and Muslims in Crimea, Russia, eastern Ukraine
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On Ukraine Today’s Viewpoint, Volodymyr Solohub is joined by Imam Nuridin, Islamic Culture Centre in Kyiv, to discuss the violation of religious and human rights of the Crimean Tatars in Ukraine’s Crimea peninsula which was annexed by Russia last year.

"Some activists among Crimean Tatars, among Muslims, are still followed by police of the Russian Federation".

"Only two out of 14 Islamic schools are working now. I think that someone tries to isolate Crimean Tatars and Muslims from the Islamic education".

"Crimean Tatars is the second (biggest) population in Crimea. Of course, they have a need of following their traditions, religion, but now what we see is that rights of the Crimean Tatars are abused".

"There are not so many Muslims in the Donbas region as in the Crimea. But what they need right now is just food, clothes, and money to live, because some of them live in a warzone. We are trying to help them through volunteer organizations. (…) I didn’t hear that Muslims there were under pressure (from the side) of militants. There is no problem — they can freely go to a mosque".

Watch "Due to Russia’s occupation many Crimean Tatars turned to religion again" — Nuridin on Ukraine Today.

Source: Ukraine Today

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