Cathedral Mosque Building Planned to Start in Year End, – Chubarov

Refat Chubarov during the carrying out of an action on gathering of shell rock on the place of building of the Cathedral mosque
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Building of the Cathedral mosque in Simferopol is planned to be started in the end of the current year. The first deputy of the chairman of the Medzhlis, Refat Chubarov, informed on it the Crimean Information Agency.

Thus, as he said, before to pass to building, it is necessary to wait of coming into power of the decision of the Economic court of the ARC which satisfied the statement of claim of the Spiritual Management of Muslims of Crimea for allocation of the land area for mosque building.

"The mayor of Simferopol Gennady Babenko declared that he will not appeal. So we wait", Refat Chubarov stated.

He also added, "Most likely, the building will begin in the end of this year".

Thus the vice-president noticed that till this time it is necessary "to create the supervisory board at the Muftiyat and to open accounts on building".

As it was informed earlier, recently the Economic court of the ARC satisfied statement of claim of the SMMC for allocation of the land area for mosque building on Yaltinskaya street.

The president of Ukraine Victor Yanukovych charged to the Ministerial council of the ARC to promote the decision of questions of building in Simferopol of the Cathedral mosque.

By "KIA"

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