“File A Complaint If “Basics Of Islam” Classes Were Cancelled”, — RAMC

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Religious Administration of Muslims of Crimea called for the Muslim children’s parents to file applications for teaching their children “Basics of Islam” classes at general schools.

As reported by the RAMC press-secretary, “Basics of religious cultures and secular ethics” are to be taught in general schools for the fourth-year schoolchildren and older.

“According to the legislation, children and their parents can pick one of three modules from the cource “Basics of religious cultures and secular ethics”, namely “Basics of Orthodox Christian Culture”, “Basics of Islamic Culture” and “Basics of secular ethics”, — the RAMC press-service report says.

To pick the desired module, the parents have to file an application for the Headmaster.

RAMC also called to file complaints if tutoring of “Basics of Islamic Culture” is unavailable at certain schools.

“RAMC will control the schools where there are difficulties with teaching this subject and find out the reasons why the Muslim schoolchildren’s rights are violated, if any,” — the Religious Administration’s officials stressed.

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