Happy Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day!
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Dear compatriots,

We, the “Islam in Ukraine” team, offer our sincere congratulations to all of us upon the occasion of 24 Anniversary of Ukrainian Independence restoration. Many people say that we once got this Independence too easily, and we, perhaps, didn’t fully realise the meaning of this historical event and our responsibility for the further destiny of our Homeland. Last two years incessantly taught us to appreciate every grain of our freedom that we used to take as something traditional.

Nobody expected that the neighbouring country calling itself our brother, would backstab us in our moment of weakness, stab us in the back and robber us. The annexation of the Crimea and the military operations in the east of the country have not broken us. We united. And we came away from this painful lesson with a valuable experience of self-coordination, compassion, mutual help.

And how can anyone defeat or destroy the nation, where everyone is trying their best to make their input in the common goal of protecting our Homeland? Where even the kids donate their savings “for bulletproof vests for our army”? Where priests of different Christian denominations, Muftis and Rabbis unite to save human lives on the territories occupied?

House divided against itself cannot stand. We are united, and we will stand, God willing. Glory to Ukraine!

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