Historical Mosque Of Eupatoria Attacked By Raiders

Khabashi sect wants to grab the historical mosque
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Members of religious community “Khan-Jami” affiliated with the famous Juma Jami in Eupatoria reported the raiders attack on the mosque. Dismissed members of the community report the illegal election of the new members, embezzlement, and the community’s forced submission to the newly created “Tavrian Muftiate” (instead of Religious Administration of Muslims of Crimea, RAMC).

The ATR TV-channel reports that the “coup” in Khan-Jami occurred over a month ago, when Mr.Elmar Abdulganiev, then Imaam, initiated gathering an assembly in order to elect some new members of the community. Many acting members, however, didn’t know anything about the assembly.

According to Mr. Riza Abkhzirov, head of the religious community “Khan Jami”, the Imaam stuck to his guns and started the voting process with only those members who were present. The acting members were dismissed without even hearing their reports on their activities, and 12 new members were elected instead. The new members were mostly from the Khabashi sect.

Former members also accuse their successors of embezzlement of money kept in the mosque’s safe. After the elections, the safe containing RUR 191,000, USD 8,000, TRY 500 and EUR 45 was broke open.

In his turn, Imaam Elmar Abdulganiev sais that all the accusations are proofless, that the elections were legal, and that they had to break the safe open as the former provisor refused to give this money to the newly-elected community members.

Mr. Abdulganiev confirmed, however, that the renewed community refused to conform with RAMC and decided to conform to the newly created Tavrian Muftiate.

RAMC, in their turn, won’t let stand the coup in “Khan-Jami” community. They announced that the mosque itself and all its property belong to RAMC and no transfer of it is legal without a permission from RAMC. They are filing complaints to supervisory authorities at the moment.

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