Islamic Researchers Are To Discuss The Matters Of Homeland Security

Islamic Researchers Are To Discuss The Matters Of Homeland Security
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Ukrainian Association of Religious Studies Researches and Institute of Philosophy of the Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences are to hold an expert roundtable considering Functioning of Islamic Organisations and Institutions in Ukraine and the matters of homeland security.

The event is meant for examining the status of present-day Muslim religious administrations and centres, and analysing social organisations that are close to islamic centres.

The participant’s task is to find and examine examine the sore spots in relations between the state and the Muslim communities. The experts’ work will result in the expert note containing recommendations for the governing bodies regarding the reaction to peculiarities of functioning of Islamic religious administrations and related social organisations in Ukraine.

The facilitators invite everyone willing to participate in the event, which is to take place on October 15, 2014, at the NAS Institute of Philosophy (Trekhsvyatitels’ka Str., cabinet 318) at 11 AM.

Please send your applications to ol.sagan@gmail or dial +38-050-4442213 (Professor Alexander Sagan)

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