Mustafa Dzhemilev is Afraid of Provocations between Tatars and Russians

Mustafa Dzhemilev is Afraid of Provocations between Tatars and Russians
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The leader of the Crimean-Tatar, Mustafa Dzhemilev, declared that in Crimea there are powerful separatists, but naming themselves “Pro-Russian forces”.

“Nowadays separatists are really present in Crimea. They are powerful, and fed from abroad”, stated Dzhemilev in his interview to For-Um.

“They (separatists) are fed by political forces of our nearest neighbor. Moreover, they do not hide it, and in the open press declare that Crimea is a part of Russia. And it is declared by the high-ranking Russian officials like Luzhkov and Zatulin. They directly say that all the same once Crimea will return “to a bosom of the mother-Russia”. Can they go on terrorist steps? I think that here everything will depend on what command they will receive, as they hardly will go on such things”, stated the leader of the Mejlis.

“But, most likely, we have to be afraid of provocations from their party. First of all it is necessary to be afraid of provocation of conflicts between the Pro-Russian forces and the Crimean Tatars. It is not excluded. And further, if the conflict connected, say, with a use of weapons, develops - then, of course, nothing is impossible to exclude”, Dzhemilev said.

He also does not exclude occurrence of any provokers from among the Crimean Tatars, but emphasizes that the conflicts connected with bloodshed can be only if they will be provoked from the outside. “The Crimean Tatars already during half a century strictly adhere to the principle of non-use of force. National movement of Crimea will do the utmost that the scenario with bloodshed would not be realized. But, as they say, not everything is under our control”, Dzhemilev noted.

There are no bases for preparation of insurgents in Crimea

The leader of the Mejlis also commented on statements of the People's Deputy of Ukraine from the CPU Leonid Grach that in Crimea ostensibly operate educational bases for preparation of insurgents.

“It is absurdity. The SSU inspected it. Some years ago the SSU made the statement that there where it was by Grach, there was really found some group, and these people worship whether to the sun, whether to the moon. It was a religious sect. It has nothing in common with terror”, Dzhemilev stated.

“In a word, there are no such bases in Crimea. In due time they arrested some grouping, three-four persons, but they were the people completely released from reality, without base, without support. Among the Slavic population there are ten times more of such groupings. But, when suddenly there appears a Muslim, or the Crimean-Tatar surname, starts the stir”, the leader of the Mejlis emphasized.

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