In Old Crimea Took Place Seminar for Imams

In Old Crimea Took Place Seminar for Imams
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On March, 2-5th, in the town of Old Crimea, in a building of old Crimean medrese, took place a seminar for Imams, which gathered spiritual leaders from all regions of the Crimean peninsula.

As it informs the Spiritual Management of Muslims of Crimea, which acted as the initiator of the given action, Imams were acquainted with actual problems which face the Crimean Muslims, they were read lectures on various religious subjects, were given answers to the questions asked by them.

Lectures for religious leaders of the Crimean Muslims were read by the assistant to the Mufti of Muslims of Crimea Ayder Ismailov and teachers of the Azov medrese.

In the SMMC they emphasize that the role of Imams in spiritual formation of the Crimean-Tatar people and all Muslims of Crimea is extremely great. As far as Imams will be competent in religious questions, sincere in their promptings, so great will be their impact on Muslims and useful their undertakings.

“Certainly, not always in our time, when religious knowledge only started to spread in the Muslim environment of Crimea, we can see in each settlement the Imams got good theological education”, the Management marks. Therefore besides functioning of religious Muslim schools - medrese - where are trained Imams, it was decided to carry out various educational actions for already working religious heads.

According to the organizers, similar seminars are planned to be carried out further on regular basis.

By the site of the SMMC

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