Team of the Islamic Cultural Center in Kiev Participated in an International Football Tournament

Activists of "An-Nur" with pleasure agreed to generate a team within several days, to get a form and even to carry out several trainings
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By the invitation of South African Embassy in Ukraine, the football team of the Social Organization "An-Nur", which is part of the All-Ukrainian Association of Social Organizations "Alraid", took part in an international football tournament.

Though Ukraine did not got to the final stage of the World championship on football to be held in South Africa, the holiday of football did not avoid our capital. The grandiose presentation of the forthcoming event took place in the central street of Kiev before the mayoralty, in mini-football format. According to the organizers, similar actions take place in all world capitals, up to the championship beginning.

Addressing to the participants, the ambassador of the republic of South Africa, Andris Fenter, stated that "this year the Day of Africa was celebrated under the slogan "sport and the world", because the republic of South Africa hosts the world championship on football FIFA-2010. Of it are proud on the whole African continent and prepare for reception of visitors.

By the invitation of embassy of the republic of South Africa in Kiev together with the East European Institute of Development, in the action took part the team of the Social Organization "An-Nur" which is a part of the AUASO "Alraid".

According to the chairman of "An-Nur" Mohammed Egbariya, active workers with pleasure agreed to generate a team within several days, to get a form and even to carry out several trainings.

"Though our team lost the final to Guinea, all of us are still happy that we participated and supported the idea of solidarity. After all as the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) taught us, there are no distinctions among people to racial signs or other criteria. All of us are equal before the Almighty, the difference consists only in piety", Mohammed Salim, the active worker and the player of the team of "An-Nur" shared his impressions.

Sheikh of the mosque in the Islamic Cultural Center in Kiev Imad Abu Al-Rub had possibility to hand over a cup to the champion. "We welcome international actions, including sports, such as the World championship on football. It is some kind of international dialogue when representatives of different countries and continents gather and communicate. Our Association supports ideas and undertakings directed on consolidation of a society, therefore we with pleasure took part in this action", Sheikh Imad noted in his interview to our special correspondent.

The one-day championship in the heart of Kiev turned out to be friendly and entertaining. "When in the basis the is a spirit of mutual understanding, respect and good-heartedness, any action will pass in this way", organizers are assured.


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