Three Eid al-Fitr Festive Days For Muslims in Ukraine

Three Eid al-Fitr Festive Days For Muslims in Ukraine
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Since early in the morning hundreds thousand believers all over Ukraine had been hurrying on their way to Mosques, Islamic Cultural Centres and Prayer Rooms to perform the Festive and celebrate the Holy Month of Ramadan termination and maturing Fast-Breaking Fest Eid-al-fitr (Turk. “Uraza-Bayram”, vainakh “Marhazh”). As the capacity of those buildings is not enough to let everyone pray inside, many people pray outside in the yard.

Eid al-Fitr is a great feast celebrated when the Muslim Fast is over, on the first day or the next month after Ramadan. This is one of the two greatest feasts in Islam celebrated by Muslims all over the world.

A various festive programme was held in Ukrainian cities after the prayer, namely competitions for children and adults, sports and attractions.

During the three festive days the believers do their best to spend more time with their families, attend close and far relatives and friends, wish each other all the best and make gifts.

Even the poor families have a festive meal during Eid, as they get financial aid gathered in advance. This aid is called “zakat-al-fitr” of “sadaqat-al-fitr” and is a must for every Muslim possessing beyond their needs if they want their fast accepted by the God.

For Muslims this day is a time to analyse their achievements for the past period as well: how they spent the days of Fasting, whether they made the most of lost those days or lost them in vain, doing bad deeds and saying tormenting words, and whether he wanted to improve with all of his heart for God’s sake.


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