Zaporizhzhya Region Religious Communities Have A Joint Action Plan

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An ordinary session of the Counsil of Religious Organisations at the Head of Zaporizhzhya Refion State Administration Office, chaired by Deputy Head of Administration Mr.Edward Gugnin. Muslims of the region were represented by Mr.Muhammad Mamutov, Imam at local Islamic Cultural Centre. Besides him, other religious figures also took part in the event: representatives of Ukrainian Orthodox Church Zaporizhzhya eparchy, Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Kyivan Patriarchat), Ukrainian Orthodox Church Berdyansk eparchy, Ukrainian Roman catholic Church, Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, Mormones, Pagans, etc.

The session resulted in signing a joint manifest where the religious leaders called upon all Ukrainians of all religious views to unite in this uneasy hour. Still, the participants demonstrated the power of unity by action first: they informed the gathering about their own charitable activities on construction of production facilities for internally displaced people from the ATO (anti-terrorist operation) zone; for the military who serve in this zone and their families; and activation of volunteerism in general.

As for the joint manifest, the religious figures grievously noted that even now, a year after the shooting in Hrushevs’kogo Str. and Instytuts’ka Str., Ukraine has no rest because of the aggressor’s invasive policy. Deaths of many people, a constant torrent of internally displaced persons, economical crisis — all that brings people into despair and hopelessness.

For that reason it’s important like never before that the religious communities continue demonstrating unity, mutual respect and mutual help, creating each and every opportunity for establiching the civil peace and consent and cooperation between people regardless their religious views. The participants stressed that, despite anything, all the problems have to be solved within the legal means.

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