Different View on Events in Crimea

First right is the vice-president of the SMMU "Ummah" Islam Gimadutin.
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Wide enough resonance got recent events in Crimea, connected with arrest of so-called Islamic extremists from a marginal grouping "Takfir wal-Hijra". Their arresting and withdrawal the weapon and literature became exemplary-significant. It was shown on all central television channels, about it wrote mass-media, it was argued on fashionable talk shows. The official version of events and "plans of extremists" was stated, too. All is good, but we, Muslims of Ukraine, still have more questions than answers.

Islam GIMADUTIN, the vice-president of the Spiritual Management of Muslims of Ukraine "Ummah".

First of all, we were strongly saddened by statements that these events displayed flash of "Islamic extremism". Certainly, we recognize, that among Muslims there are criminal elements. But gangsterism, extremism, terrorism and other "isms" have no relation to the world religion of Islam. About it we are going to speak now.

Secondly, we expected such successions of events, though in our souls we hoped that politicians will have enough prudence not to play "an Islamic card" in their interests. Why we expected it? Even in the spring of this year representatives of this small marginal grouping arranged a quarrel among themselves in Crimea, and as a result of it two persons were wounded from fire-arms . The message about it scattered instantly. We were very surprised when law enforcement bodies undertook nothing for detention of all followers of "Takfir wal-Hijra". And after all even in the spring the issue of "Takfir" could be closed. As it did not happen, Muslims understood the following: someone postponed this till more suitable time. And here this "suitable" time comes - started presidential "races". With shine and pathos they started to detain "dangerous extremists" who were allowed to stay in freedom for half a year!

Strange "extremists" they are... In Ukraine there are not so many Muslims, about 2 % of the population of the country. At such insignificant quantity it is no wonder that we know much about each other. And so, among Muslims there is a firm belief that "Takfir" are no more than gangsters and criminals justifying their acts by messianic slogans about their selectivity and not being of jurisdiction of mundane authorities. All this is just a screen. So they justify their crimes in relation to Muslims. And we do not trust them, since, as we know, the Holy Quran reads, "If a man kills a believer intentionally, his recompense is Hell, to abide therein (For ever): And the wrath and the curse of Allah are upon him, and a dreadful penalty is prepared for him" (The Holy Quran, 4:93). Now you understand, what kind of Muslims are they, if they shot at their fellow brothers in religion.

In Islam to kill someone extrajudicially is strictly forbidden, even if crimes of the person are obvious and demand the most strict punishment. I wish to inform you that Islam is not lawlessness. Islam is law and a strict order. According to Shariat, even military criminals are not judged extrajudicially. Criminals are judged according to the law, and they have the right for protection. And to kill just like that is not Islam, it is obviously criminal.

"If in the sky stars light up, it means that someone needs it", a classical author said. Here we, Muslims of Ukraine, think that these overdue arrests, these unexpected occurrences on screens of members of various groupings are very necessary to someone. On their exposures and arrests it is possible to make a very good public PR company — certainly, in their political interests. Perhaps they are even "grown up" and "lured", "to be sacrificed" in suitable time? And fellow Muslims, who, as well as 90% of our fellow citizens, hardly make ends meet, suffer, live and work, bring up children, keep faithful to their faith and traditions, and then for the reasons, not dependent on them, become derelicts.

Activity of separate persons which ostensibly shelter themselves behind Islamic slogans, harm first of all Muslims. Mass-media spread Islamphobia to please certain political forces, and the shade falls on a good name of Islam and Muslims of Ukraine. For 18 years of independence we did not have any Islamic extremism — and suddenly it was "made". Probably, indeed these elections will be the dirtiest for all history of the country.

By the newspaper "The Day"

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