Aksenov Threatens Crimean Tatars

Aksenov Threatens Crimean Tatars
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Every action containing rejection of annexation of Crimean peninsula and its connection to Russia will be persecuted very strictly according to the law. This was declared by Mr.Sergey Aksenov, the self-proclaimed Prime-Minister of Crimea, in his interview for “Kommersant” newspaper, when he was answering the question of Crimean authorities’ further interaction with Crimean Tatars living on the peninsula.

“According to the law, there’s no such structure as Mejlis. This organisation hasn’t been registered propriately. It doesn’t exist,” - Mr. Aksenov said. Still, he admitted that the Mejlis does exist de-facto, but added that, on his opinion, it has no significant impact on the Crimean Tatars.

The politician explains his conclusion by the fact that the Mejlis hasn’t fulfilled its resettlement programmes for those returning home from the deportation. The new Crimean authorities, according to Mr.Aksenov, are eager to legalize houses built by the returnees 10 years ago in case they have no debts for the facilities, but the other ones will be knocked down, as those are “barns in the fields”.

Persecuting Crimean Tatars became a trend in the annexed Crimea. Homes, schools and mosques are rummaged by the law enforcers, who didn’t fail to do the same with the building of Mejlis on September 16, which resulted in sealing the building.

Crimean Tatar leaders link this to the pro-ukrainian position of the most of Crimean tatars and their boycott of the so-called elections held in Crimea on September 14.

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