Crimean Muslims Will Have A Place To Pray In Drohobych

Crimean Muslims Will Have A Place To Pray In Drohobych
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Deputies of Drohobych City Council (Lviv Region) recently adopted the decision on providing Muslims resettled from Crimea with part of the building of former Public Housing and Utilities Unit #4 so that they can settle down a cultural-religious centre, Informational Agency ZIK reports, referring to Mr.Les’ Yasyura, leading specialist of the Council.

Rustem, a representative from Crimean Tatar community, noted in his speech to the deputies that Crimeans who had to flee to Drohobych because of the war have a need for performing joint Friday prayers.
— We are not building a mosque here, as we don’t wasn any conflicts. All we want is a Cultural-Spiritual Centre with a room for prayers.

Mr.Taras Metyk, Acting Mayor and Council’s Secretary, supported that plea and promoted it among his colleagues, having stressed that those people moved to Drohobych because of Ukraine’s common tragedy. According to him, not only the city officials ask for fulfilling the Crimeans’ spiritual needs, but also Charitable Fund “Caritas” acting on behalf of the European Community.

The officials also declared their intention to help the Crimean Muslims (about a hundred of them live in Drohobych now) in reconstructing the building

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