Fate Of Two Young Muslims Kidnapped In Crimea Remains Unknown

Islyam Jepparov, photo from vk.com
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Fate of the two young men kidnapped two days ago in the Belogorsk suburb still remains unknown despite the authorities’ promised to “return the missing young men before the next morning.” Father of one of them, Mr.Abdureshit Jepparov, left for Simferopol to meet the “Head of Crimea” Mr.Sergei Aksenov.

“One of the missing boys’ father, Mr.Mr.Abdureshit Jepparov, left for Simferopol to see the self-proclaimed Prime-Minister of Crimea Sergey Aksenov. Such decision was made by him after consulting the leaders of Crimean Tatar people’s movement who came from all over the peninsula to his house in order to support the family,” “Crimea.Realities” reports.

Head of Belogorsk District Townhall Mr.Albert Kangiev and Head of Belogorsk District Mejlis Mr.Mustafa Asaba were among the half of hundred men who gathered in the Jeparrovs’ yard.Not only the neighbours came, but the veterans of the Crimean Tatar people’s movement from various parts of the peninsula.

According to Abdurreshit Japarov, Mr.Remzi Ilyasov, vice speaker of the Crimean Parliament promiced to take the investication to his personal control and return the two young Crimean Tatars home before Monday morning. The authorities, however, failed to keep their word.

“Nothing is known at the moment. Not a thing. Despite the fact they called us yesterday evening and promiced to returm the boys until it’s morning,” - Mr.Jepparov said.

He also reported that the police took the PC and toothbrushes from their home on the day of kidnapping “in order to make the DNA tests.”

One of the kidnapped young men is underage; Islyam Jepparov is to turn 18 only in November. His cousin, Jevget Islyamov, turned 23 this spring.

Unknown people in the uniform attacked the young men on the evening of September 27, forced them to a mini-van. blue Volkswagen Transporter, and took them to an undisclosed location. The van’s plate number was 755, region 82.

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