Members of the Ukrainian Center for Fatwas hold a meeting before the beginning of Ramadan

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On March 11, a meeting of the Ukrainian Center for Fatwas and Research took place in Kyiv. It was attended by:

1) Said Ismagilov, the mufti of RAMU "Ummah";

2) Seyran Aryfov, Master of Sharia Sciences, specialist in usul-fiqh;

3) Shadi Othman, Head of the Center for Fatwas and Research;

4) Haider al-Hajj, Hafiz of the Qur'an, Imam;

5) Murat Suleymanov, head of the All-Ukrainian Association for Quran Studies;

6) Muhammad Mamutov, the imam of Zaporizhzhia city;

7) Rinat Khabibutdinov, a specialist in fiqh, the imam of Vinnytsia city;

8) Rustam Khusnutdinov, the imam of Sumy city;

9) Abdulgani Devlikamov, the imam of Dnipro city.

Also, the meeting was attended by imams and theologists from other cities of Ukraine. In the course of their work, the participants made several important decisions. According to Sheikh Said Ismagilov, the mufti of RAMU "Ummah" and one of the regular members of the Center, such meetings are traditionally held on the eve of the holy month of Ramadan.

“We are discussing those theological issues that primarily concern Ukrainian Muslims before and during Ramadan, as well as others, more general issues,” says the mufti.

Drawing on theological reasons and taking into account modern scientific knowledge, the participants of the meeting determined the amount of the Sadaqah al-Fitr, zakat and the times of prayers for different cities of Ukraine. 

Thus, it was decided to declare April 13, 2021 as the start date of Ramadan, and May 13, 2021 as the end date.

The topic of prayer times caused a lively discussion. According to Said Ismagilov, all the issues discussed are very relevant for Muslims, however, the correct times of prayers is a daily need of believers:

“There are Muslims in all major cities of Ukraine, so the prayer times for each region are extremely necessary. We decided that our center should offer the recommendations for prayer times and fasting in each regional center.”

The amount of zakat al-Fitr is set at 110 hryvnias per person, and nisab zakat al-Mal starts at $ 4,700.

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