"Such Trips Forever Imprinted In Hearts" — Muslims Helped the Orphanage One More Time

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Among the fields of Muslims concern on the path of mercy is a care about orphans. Therefore, on the last October Saturday, Kyivan Muslim activists belonging to Maryam Volunteer Movement (a member of Alraid Association) visited the Baby House in Novohrad-Volynsky, Zhytomyr Oblast, once again. It was a joint trip with volunteers of other public organisations and initiatives.

— Such trips forever leave a mark in the heart. It is impossible to forget kids’ eyes, it is impossible not to think about their fate and future. May God grant us all the wisdom and strength to change the situation for the better, — writes activist Olga Abdallah on her page on the social network Facebook.

Maryam volunteers and their like-minded people came to the kids in the Baby House not empty-handed —  they brought household appliances, clothes, shoes and medicines, personal care products, diapers and household chemicals, food (including specialized gluten-free baby food), etc.. Of course, we cared about the individual gifts for the kids, and the entertainment program.

It would be unreal for Kiyv Muslims to buy all of the above-mentioned things only at their own expense — money and necessary things were collected, as they say, by “the whole world”, and the latter was not just a speech flow: help came from other countries - from the Ukrainian diaspora in the UAE and from our compatriots living in Germany.

— Volunteers are grateful for the help to the Ukrainian diaspora in the UAE. Thanks to Taras Vashchuk, writer, journalist, author of the book “Ukraine in the Sands”, and Olga Yonash, a Ukrainian woman living in Germany (having learned that the part of the funds from the selling of the book “Ukraine in the Sands” donates on charity, she paid its tenfold price) Thanks to Vadik Zibrov, one of the most popular photographers of Ukraine (he has strong contacts with the Dubai society and always helps charitable and other community projects), we bought diapers, baby food, gifts, and so on.

In their post on Facebook, the Maryam volunteers call by name those who helped to collect the necessary welfare assistance for the Baby House. These are Alexander Kozhan, Svitlana Maksimenko, Halyna Melnytska-Oliinyk, Tetiana Tatarchuk and Aleksandr Yatsyna, Oksana Ivanenko and Anna Shushurina - all of them contributed to helping the children. Due to Yaroslav Oleksiiovych Olexandra, Yulia Musienko, @AngelADS company,  the washing machine and food processor was sent to the orphanage, as well as the whole list of necessary medicines was “closed”. The volunteers are thankful to the animators who entertained the children:

— Children were delighted with games, gifts, and bright children's makeup. We want to thank all the volunteers who joined the action, everyone who helped at a distance from other cities and even other countries. And of course, special thanks to those who managed to go to the children and give them love and happiness with their presence. We are very pleased that every day and every trip number of us is getting bigger and bigger, — writes Olga Abdallah. — Thanks to the Baby House management staff for their responsiveness and warm attitude towards their pupils, for their openness and readiness to live and act in the interests of the children against all odds. And we express the deepest gratitude for your hard work!

Let us recall Muslim organisations that are members of the Alraid Association on a regular basis help residential care institutions in Novohrad-Volynsky, Korostyshev, Boyarka and other cities. Sometimes such trips turn into real “caravans of kindness”. For example, one of the last trips was a visit to the Boyarka orphanage on October 21.

The Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) said: "That one who cares about an orphan will be in paradise as close to me as these two (fingers)."

The activists reported that those who wish to participate in the weekly visits to the Boyarka orphanage or those who wish to donate money in order to buy necessary things for orphanages in other cities can join the group in Viber. Write and call on phone number (093) 715 44 54 (Maria); (066) 367 41 00 or (097) 077 08 23 (Olga).

Card number: Privatbank 5168 7556 2456 3348, Maria Abdallah.

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