Bright Impressions and Eventful Vacation of Young Ukrainian Muslims in Yaremche

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This year vacation for young Ukrainian Muslims is both beneficial for the soul and body. The All-Ukrainian Association "Alraid" has organized a wonderful halal vacation in the Muslim camp "Druzhba" (Friendship) in Yaremche. That will be a topic for stories in the circle of age mates for a long time as well as the experience gained in mutual assistance and self-care, testing by journeys on foot and entertaining activities, master classes, excursions, outdoor games, various entertainments, useful activities and fairy tales by the fire, picturesque landscapes of the Prut river valleys, clean mountain air of Galician Hutsulshchyna, forest, comfortable living conditions in a cozy hotel with its own pool.

According to Alraid, this year the camp "Druzhba" has become a place for a full of activities vacation for 65 children and adolescents - 30 boys and 35 girls aged 8 to 15 years. They were resettled on separate floors and divided into groups by age: the boys divided into 4 groups, the girls – into 3 groups. The whole group was accompanied by 7 tutors, a doctor and a nurse, as well as an archery and crossbow instructor. The program also provided lectures on Islam and the Koran. A trip to Bukovel also took place, where children rode the aerial lift, as well as a trip to the Huk waterfall and a hike to the Dovbush rock.

The children had the master classes on making keychain from special cardboard, as well as cooking varenyky (dumplings) for lunch. They made as many as 650 dumplings so the teachers barely had time to watch over all the dough to be evenly rolled out and each dumpling to be plugged properly.

Children took part in the contest to create the best short video about life and relationships in the camp. The competent jury represented by the colleagues had to choose from 5 videos. Kids also managed to prepare the presentation of illustrations to the Qur'anic stories: they first created them with spray paints, and then suggested to other participants to guess which episode was depicted, and only then told the story in more details. Every day ended at the fire with interesting fairy-tales told by Tarik Sarhan, head of the Islamic History and Culture Department, evoked invariably sincere interest among young listeners.

Children's meals were organized in accordance with the principles of halal food. The hotel owners are already familiar with the cooking features for the followers of Islam, because this year a summer seminar for newly-adopted Muslimahs was organized here.

Eleven days flashed quickly, all the camp participants have already returned home and share their impressions, so probably next year more young Muslims will want to come to the camp. Parents are also happy: the children had a rest, they are filled with positive emotions, and in addition, they have acquired new knowledge and became more independent and prudent.

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