The Crimean Tatar girl is among the winners of the Regional Ukrainian language skills contest

The Crimean Tatar girl is among the winners of the Regional Ukrainian language skills contest
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The Crimean Tatar girl Rubiya Mukhtarova, a pupil of the 9th form at Nova Hreblya secondary school, took the second place at the Vinnytsia Regional Ukrainian language skills contest.

“We are one of the first to leave the Crimea and settled in the Vinnytsia oblast. We have been living here for five years. My brother and sister were born here,” - says the girl. - I speak Ukrainian, because at school I often learnt poems of Ukrainian authors by heart and took part at the contests, although, the education was provided in Russian. At home we speak Russian and Crimean Tatar. We learn Arabic. And at school I speak Ukrainian and learn English. I like the Ukrainian language. I love Symonenko and Sosiura’s works. I read Shevchenko’s works with pleasure,” - Depo.Vinnytsia portal cites Rubiya Mukhtarova

You can easy find Rubia among classmates. She is prudent and balanced. The girl wears a headscarf, a long skirt. Yet now you can’t surprise anyone with a hijab in Nova Hreblya. The Mukhtarov family, like other migrants, moved to Vinnytsia oblast almost five years ago, after the Russian annexation of the Crimea. The girl quickly got accustomed to a new life in Nova Hreblya and improved her knowledge of the Ukrainian language.

“The girl is very responsible and serious. She always does all tasks,” -  says Svitlana Lishchuk, a teacher of the Ukrainian language and literature. -  “She demonstrates excellent knowledge not only in the Ukrainian language and literature, but also in other subjects.”

Forty-five children from displaced families study at Nova Hreblya School.


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