Exhibition Honors Muslim Saviors of Jews

Exhibition Honors Muslim Saviors of Jews
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The Canadian Jewish Federation hosted on Friday, January 27, a photographic exhibition that sheds the light on heroism of Muslims who risked their lives to rescue Jews from the Nazi brutality during the Holocaust.

The “BESA: A Code of Honor” exhibit, hosted by the Calgary Jewish Federation, pays tribute to 17 of the more than 60 Muslim Albanians who helped saving the Jews during the Holocaust.

It tells the moving story of how the Besa, a code of honor in Albanian culture, guided their courageous actions.

Besa is generally translated as “faith” or sometimes “to keep the promise.”

Today’s exhibition, which runs from January 27 to February 5, also offers a glimpse into the lives of a people whose commitment to their faith requires them to act unselfishly even under the most dire circumstances.

The exhibit is based on the work of American photographer Norman H. Gershman and his quest to tell this remarkable story.

His exhibition features black and white photographs of Albanians holding family photos and awards honoring their heroism.

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