In Kiev will be exhibited works of talented Crimean artists (PHOTO)

At the opening night J.Greter Art-center will try to make the visitor to dive into the oriental household with it’s bright coloring, songs and sincere hospitability
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Instead of waiting for the calendar spring J.Greter Art-center decided to gladden its visitors with bright colours right away! It is no wonder that for this purpose gallery chose not just some artists from Yalta, but highly appreciated Renat Ramazanov and Alexandra Syrbu, who have portrayed many famous Ukrainians such as Sofia Rotaru and others.

It is very hard to overestimate the value of this exhibition – in 2010 Renat Ramazanov’s paintings “Expectation”, “Manicure” and “The sunny day” were sold at Christie’s Auction in London. If one composed a map of collections where the artists’ works are kept, it would include such countries as Ukraine, Russia, France, the USA, England Cyprus and others. Exposing Renat Ramazanov’s works at Livadia Palace is one more reason for Ukraine to be justifiably proud of the new generation of Crimean artists. The project “The East” is going to be presented on all the floors of Art-center.

How do you think, can the water-melon be painted in western or eastern manner? Can you define at first sight whether this fruit is from the Crimea or from China? Alexandra Sybru proves that every fruit or vegetable has it’s own unique energetics, taken from the soil. The realistic rendering of vegetables and fruits, specifically executed, evokes not only the feeling of vivacity, but also the colouring typical only to the eastern territories. This is not the classical still life, but a kind of injection against vitamin deficiency, or even art deficiency.

Renat Ramazanov and Alexandra Sybru are often called as “the new generation of the Crimean artists” and “people whose eyes see only happiness”. Their canvases are full of optimism and heart piercing love. The bright examples are Crimean grannies portraits. The eyes of a wise woman, who finds herself due to her life experience and Islam religion, look from the painting. The eyes of a woman who finds the true reason of her life that lays in her children’s and grandchildren’s welfare, in ability to be glad at simple things as fresh bread and flavorful grapes gathered by the loving son. During the exhibition the visitors will have the opportunity to observe the bright canvases executed in the oriental fairy-tale style. Every female image is very poetic and multi-faceted; the palette has all reasons to be called as spicy. We face the perspective of journey to such a sensual territory of several eastern generations.

At the opening night J.Greter Art-center will try to make the visitor to dive into the oriental household with it’s bright coloring, songs and sincere hospitability. The artists and the gallery administration prepare the mutual art-performance which aims at uniting the modernity and oriental traditions.

The exhibition will go on from February, 27, 2014 till April, 14, 2014.

Address: “Shuliavska” metro station,
6 Vadyma Getmana Str,
Shopping mall «Bilshovyk», A block, 3-7 floor.
T.: +38 050 42 42 888

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