Makkah - Picture Theme of Ukrainian Artist

On the way to Makkah. Skin. Agate.
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"On the way to Makkah" is the name of one of pictures of Uzhgorod artist Arthur Tivodar, who creates his artworks using unique techniques – by means of skin and semi-precious stones.

To see colorful pictures on philosophical and religious thematic is possible till October, 21, in Vinnitsa on the exhibition "Pilgrimage' in "Art glamour" gallery, informs

The whole series of products of the free Uzhgorod artist is devoted world religions: Christianity, Buddhism and Islam, and also conservatives.

"The essence of all religions is actually the same, - considers Arthur Tivodar. - It does not matter, what religion you profess, are you an Arab or a Hindu. The main thing is what kind of person you are - good, courageous..."

Over one picture Tivodar works from several days to one month. He says, that sometimes the concept of the future masterpiece is dictated by a chimney cut, sometimes - on the contrary, a semi-precious stone is selected for a ready plot.

Arthur names himself a free artist not casually: he did not study art, and started to practice it responding to his soul's call. Since his childhood Arthur Tivodar communicated with artistic families and when he returned from army, he started to go on open-airs and became interested in painting.

The idea of creation of pictures from skin was prompted to the artist by his wife, who is also a very creative person. "In the beginning of 90th, while I took a great interest in painting, she brought home some skin and suggested to make an experiment - and until now I consider that first work as one of my best, - Arthur Tivodar admits. - And later friends acquainted me with the master who finds, grinds and processes semi-precious stones".


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