In Simferopol Opened Exhibition "Crimea in Creativity of Artists of First Half of XX-th Century"

The exhibition transfers the spectators to the charming and picturesque Crimea
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In the Crimean Republican Establishment "The Crimean-Tatar arts museum" the exhibition "Crimea in creativity of artists of the first half of XX-th century" was opened. It is dated for the 45th anniversary of the exhibition "Artists depicting Crimea" which took place in art gallery of the city of Samarkand, Uzbekistan.

The action was organized by the Social Organization on preservation of Islamic monuments "Azizler", the Ministry of Culture of the ARC, the CRE "The Crimean-Tatar arts museum".

The exposition included more than 100 works of art, photos and manuscripts from funds of the CRE "Simferopol art museum", CRE "Bakhchsarai historical and cultural reserve" and private collection of the writer, the veteran of the Crimean-Tatar national movement, Idris Asanin.

On the exposition you can see the artworks of known Crimean masters of painting and graphic V.Yanovsky, K.Bogaevskiy, A.Kuprin, E.Nagaevskaya, P.Chesnokov, A.Mogilevskiy, B.Smirnov, and also water colors of the Leningrad artists - Nina and Alfons Zhaba.

As it was noted by the employees of the museum, the theme of Crimea passed through all creativity of these authors. Depicting in the beginning of the XX-th century ancient monuments of the Crimean-Tatar architecture, their condition, the artists managed to find various figurative means for expression of their feelings, admiration and experiences.

"The given collection initiated by the member of "Аzizler" Organization Zarema Khayredinova, allows us to remember once again the activity and contribution to the culture development of the Crimean-Tatar people of our veteran of the national movement, the writer Idris Asanin. Today these artworks, some of which are included into the collection of Idris Asanin, allow us to plunge into Crimea at the beginning of the XX-th century and to see color and architecture of that time", the assistant to the Mufti of Muslims of Crimea, Ayder Ismailov, stated.

As present on the action artists, critics, literary critics noted, the exhibition of artworks transfers the spectators to charming and picturesque Crimea of the beginning of the XX-th century, returning memory of the native past, disclosing the features of the Crimean-Tatar original culture, which was especially claimed in the conditions of deportation.

The exhibition is opened for visitors from February, 4th, to March, 10th, 2012, from 9.30am to 5pm daily, except Sunday.

By the RAMC

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