Odessa Muslims Condemn Organizers of Acts of Terrorism in Moscow and Intend "to teach them with Prayers"

Islamic cultural centre in Odessa
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"TIMER", 30.03.2010

The Muslim community of Odessa considers that people which organized acts of terrorism in Moscow, do not have any relation to Islam and if they are Muslims, they "profane the faith" by their actions.

"TIMER" was declared it by the representative of the community - the employee of the Islamic Cultural Centre.

As he said, the Quran forbids murdering someone, including representatives of other faiths.

- We were very upset, - the Muslim said. - But this awful incident does not have any relation to us, as terrorists are spiritless people. Islam calls for peace and brotherhood!

Our interlocutor noticed that if "the North Caucasian" version of the acts of terrorism will be proven, the Odessa Muslims will try to teach their mad coreligionists by prayers.

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