Reaction of Kharkov Muslims to Acts of Terrorism in Moscow Underground

Otman Shadi, the director of the Islamic Cultural Centre
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"АТN", 30.03.2010

Today in Moscow is the Day of mourning for victims of the act of terrorism in the underground. On official buildings are lowered flags, and in the underground, at the stations where took place explosions people bring candles and flowers. However, in the same Moscow, local mass-media inform on inadequate reactions of passengers of the underground to representatives of a Muslim community. In particular, the day before in the underground one of passengers attacked two girls in scarves. How the Kharkov Muslim community and passengers in transport reacted to the acts of terrorism, reports "АТN".

Anastasiya wears a scarf for the third year, in this time she practically did not meet aggressive reactions. After the acts of terrorism, the girl tells, some Muslims were afraid to use underground, but she freely uses this type of transport as no one pays special attention to her.

Anastasiya, the representative of the Muslim community, "I did not notice anything like that, that people paid to me special attention. There were no any statements in my address, any distrustful looks, any remarks, or some talks behind my back - nothing like that".

Representatives of the Muslim community of Kharkov freely move across the city, they are practically not noticed in crowd.

After the tragic events in Moscow, young men tell, are shocked not less than others. And not in the last instance by reaction of inhabitants of the Russian capital to representatives of Islam, in particular, when two girls in scarves were attacked by a man. This event is not officially confirmed by Russian militia - they were simply absent there, inform the Russian mass-media. Evgeniy states: there is no world religion which would encourage murders of innocent people.

Evgeniy, the representative of the Muslim community, "Every day there are some people who call themselves various names, and we cannot be responsible for them, and their actions completely contradict Islamic doctrine, completely contradict to that what orders to Muslims the Quran".

In Ukraine attitude to the followers of Islam differs from attitude of people in those countries where there are acts of terrorism, the director of the Islamic Cultural Centre Otman Shadi states.

Therefore the organization already prepared the letter to the embassy of Russia in Ukraine with requests not to focus attention on the creed of the terrorists.

Otman Shadi, the director of the Islamic Cultural Centre, "We live in another country, we in Ukraine do not have such fear as in other countries. If Russia has real challenges on Caucasus, thank God, we have no such problems, therefore the Ukrainian people should calm down".

Kharkov is a tolerant city, is summarized by all representatives of the Muslim community, however, nevertheless, there are still met some aggressive people. But their behavior is an issue of only internal culture.

Article original on the web- site of "АТN"

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