“Alraid” Visits Ministry of Health of Ukraine

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On September, 11, 2008, at 3pm in premise of the MH of Ukraine "Аlraid" participated in a “round table” devoted to the problems of the palliative help in the state. The topic of the event is “Rights of Patients in Ukraine. Palliative Help: Spiritual Aspects. Spiritual Custody of Seriously Ill Patients and Dying Persons”.

The session was organized by the All-Ukrainian Council of Protection of Rights and Safety of Patients. Minister of Health of Ukraine Vasily Knyazevich together with representatives of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (the Kiev patriarchy), the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church, the Catholic Church of Ukraine, the All-Ukrainian Union of Associations of Evangelical Christians-Baptists, the German Evangelical-Lutheran Church, the Ukrainian Lutheran Church. Muslim religious society of Kiev was represented by the Imam of Islamic Cultural Center Sheikh Imad Abu Al-rub and the active worker of the "Alraid" Association Tariq Sarhan. The participants of the meeting considered extremely important and complicated problems of the palliative help to the ill.

Among public organizations, besides the "Alraid" Association, in the event also took part the following ones: The All-Ukrainian Council of Protection of Rights and Safety of Patients, the All-Ukrainian Association of the Palliative help.

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