Christian Priests Visited Iftars In Lviv

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Greek-Catholic priests and their pupils, people with special needs, attended iftars at Lviv ICC. Having come in advance, long before the sunset, accompanied by father Morione from Italy and father Yuri, they watched how Muslims broke their fast with water and dates and pray Maghreb. After the prayer, they were invited to join the common meal as the dearest and most precious guests.

Christians had interest not only in the followers’ of Islam cooking skills; they asked about the peculiarities of fasting and the spiritual meaning of Ramadan. Muslims were happy to answer all those questions, and Imam Murat Suleimanov and Centre’s Director Alan Dekouree were also at their service.

The idea was conceived some time before Ramadan even began, when Lviv Muslims visited the neighbouring Christian communities to thank them for sharing the joy with Muslims at the solemn opening of the new Islamic Cultural Centre named after Muhammad Asad at 29a Abraham Lincoln street.

While learning each other better, followers of Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, learned that there is a men’s monastery of Saint Peter and Andrew where the monks take care of a parish of God’s Providence at 12 Abraham Linkoln Street, where a workshop for physically disabled people and children is situated.

So when Ramadan was almost there, the Muslims invited the orionist fathers and their pupils to share a joint iftar with them, and were happy when the invitation was accepted.

The group counts 1,5 dozen people with special needs who embroider, draw and get involved in other creativity. Unfortunately, it was impossible to receive the whole group at once, as due to the late hour many people were already brought home by relatives.

Followers of Islam, however, don’t lose their hope to treat them all after Ramadan is over and the meals can be arranged a time more convenient for the guests. Father Morione and father Yuri already approved the idea.
Source: RAMU “Umma”

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