In Crimea Took Place Competition of the Quran Readers

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On September, 16, in the mosque of Simferopol Islamic Cultural Center took place competition of the Quran readers. The event was organized by the All-Ukrainian Association of Social Organizations "Аlraid" and Spiritual Management of Muslims of Crimea (SMMC). Among the contestants there were representatives of Kiev, Poltava, Donetsk, Lugansk and various regions of Crimea. With words of greeting to participants addressed the assistant to the Constant Representative of the President in the ARC Remzi Havadji, the vice-president of the Republican Committee of the AR of Crimea on affairs of religions Ayder Bukatov, and also the guest of the event - the representative of the World Organization of the Quran Studies (Saudi Arabia) Аymat Ahmat.

The participants of the contest competed on levels of knowledge of the Quran by heart, which were seven on the whole. The very first comprised in itself knowledge of half of juz (part) of the Quran, and the contestants of the seventh level told the Quran by heart.

The competent jury which was constituted by the head of "Аlraid" of Simferopol Mohammed Taha, the Imam of the mosque of Kiev Islamic Cultural Center Sheikh Imad Abu Al-rub, the representative of the World Organization of the Quran Studies (Saudi Arabia) Аymat Ahmat, representatives of the Crimean Muftiyat - the first assistant of the Mufti Ayder Ismalov, the assistant of the Mufti Enver Nagamiev, the head of the department of press and publishing Zakir Kurtnezir, estimated the contestants rather strictly. Separate marks were given for the rules of reading, pronunciation, knowledge of the Quran. As a result the number of marks totaled 100.

Prize-winning places got those, who received the highest marks: Ablyazov Abdurrahman (Soviet region, I level), Kurtumerov Shevket (Dzhankoy region, II level), Аblyakimova Mudafire (Belgorod region, III level), Abu Saabha Nur (Simferopol region, IV level), Аblyakimov Elimdar (Belgorod region, V level), Kurtnezirov Emir (Krasnogvardeyskiy region, VI level).

At the end of the event the organizers of the competition and the jury congratulated all the present, expressed their remarks to the contestants and wished them to spend more time with the Holy Quran, to study and follow its doctrines.

Every participant of the competition received a memorable gift, and the winners got valuable prizes and financial compensations.

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