In Crimea was Held Mass-Meeting in Support of Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Mass-meeting in support of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Simferopol, December, 10 (Photo of "Radio Freedom")
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In Simferopol to recollect the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in the day of the 59th anniversary of its introducing came several hundreds of the Crimeans. On December, 10th, the Mejlis of the Crimean-Tatar people and the Crimean organisation of National Movement of Ukraine carried out a mass-meeting against discrimination and infringement of human rights on a central square of the administrative centre of the autonomy.

As it informs "Radio Freedom", on meeting came mainly veterans of the Crimean-Tatar national movement and local legal experts, what made about 2-3 hundred persons. Demonstrators held many headers with slogans about condemnation of totalitarianism and requirements to the power to adhere to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The meeting took place under the motto: "To protect variety, to end discrimination!"

Remedial meeting started with performing of Islamic and Christian prayers, writes "New Region".

Rights of the whole people are not restored yet

On the meeting there was a speech first of all about the rights of earlier deported citizens which are still not restored in Ukraine - the Crimean Tatars are not yet rehabilitated and did not receive any compensations. Legislators still did not equate them to illegally subject to repression due to political reasons.

People said that their relatives died, they were deprived of their property and good names.

The Crimean-Tatar people endured decades of violent deduction in dispatch places. It was accompanied by mass reprisals, deprivation of rights for the national development. And already in the conditions of independent Ukraine consequences of past crimes are not eliminated yet, emphasized the participants of the meeting.

75-year-old Adalie-hanum told that neither her, nor her children did not receive indemnification neither for the lost property, nor for years of a severe mode of special settlement. "Here is the day of protection of human rights. Because we since 1944 and till now are not rehabilitated, we have no rights, all time we are discriminated; here we came to protect our rights. But the power does not see and does not hear us", the woman marks.

The leader of the Crimean Movement Leonid Pilunsky reminded that during communistic times for storage of the Declaration in spite of the fact that the Soviet Union signed it, it was possible to get to prison. "I saw it only hand-written than. The communist power simply hid the Declaration from people, did not allow to print it, pursued those who only mentioned it", mister Pilunsky marks.

Prayer in memory of victims of the communistic regime

Prayer in memory of victims of the communistic regime (Photo of "Radio Freedom")


On the meeting termination was accepted the resolution in which it is said that till now the part of the Crimeans undergoes religious, language and ethnic discrimination. The Crimean Tatars are deprived of possibility to supervise their own development, proceeding from their values, needs and priorities, possibility to teach their children on their native language, states news agency QHA.

Also, the Crimean Tatars are poorly represented in political bodies and in management sphere, have no equal with other citizens of Ukraine access to the land and other natural resources, experience discrimination according to the religious sign, become victims of arbitrariness of the authorities and violence made by law enforcement bodies.

Therefore the state is obliged to restore the rights of the Crimean-Tatar people deported at the time of the Soviet regime for what the corresponding law should be accepted.

The participants of the meeting declared their determination to use the best efforts for unconditional observance by the Ukrainian state of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights fully and in relation to all citizens.

"We consistently oppose revival of totalitarian modes and immortalizing of memories of their criminal heads", it goes in the resolution.

Inquiry. The international day of protection of human rights is established by the General Assembly of the United Nations in 1950 in honour of introducing on December, 10th, 1948, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This document fixed thirty inalienable laws of each inhabitant of the Earth for the first time.

The Universal Declaration proclaims the rights of the person, the civil and political rights and freedoms, the right of everyone for inviolability of a person, freedom of worship and so forth. It is declared that all people have equal rights which do not depend on their personal differences and on difference in political systems of their countries.

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