Crimean Mosques Host Children’s Educational Projects

village of Strogonovka
Simferopol city block “Ak-Mechet”
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A new interactive project “Uyan Menlik” Was launched by the Religious Administration of Muslims of Crimea in cooperation with Crimean Youth and other Social organisations. This project, optimized for kids, covers lessons on the basis of Islam, Qur’an recitation, history of Crimean Tatars and Crimean Tatar Literature and regional study.

First children’s summer camp was launched within the project on June 15 in Simferopol city block “Ak-Mechet.” On the first lesson volunteers told the kids about Crimean Tatars’ ethnogeny and history. Mr. Muslim Dervishev, the project coordinator, spoke of necessary things one must to to gain the Mercy of God, and that the path to happiness lies within submission to God and obeying the prescriptions of Islam. The children participated in interactive games and enjoyed the sweet buffet as well.

Project’s second camp started in Maryino block of Simferopol on June 21. Later “Uyan Menlik” reached the village of Strogonovka (June 28) and Jankoy (June 29). Two more camps at the blocks of Kamenka and Fontany, as well as in other towns and cities of Crimea where the Crimean Tatars settled compactly are planned.

Mosques will host children’s lessons and other activities on weekends during the whole summer.

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