Defending The Oppressed: Training In Kyiv

Defending The Oppressed: Training In Kyiv
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A training on “Minority rights: international standards and advocacy tools” took place in Kyiv on October 12, 2013 within the framework of the Eastern Partnership Minorities Network project. This included working with Muslims as an important part of that kind of work, too, so they invited some representatives from the Muslim communities of Ukraine.

As reported by, Mr. Mousa Arada, vice-president of “Together With The Law” Social Organisation, took part in the training. The participants not only studied international standards in the field of Human Rights protection along with acting national and international legislation, but also learned some advocacy tools for protecting such groups within the NGO Human Rights protection activities.

The Training facilitators stressed the importance of those minorities getting organized for a more effective joint protection of their common interests. The trainers repeatedly stated — both during the lecture and the workgroups — how important it is to remain unprovoked and act within the framework of current legislation; restraining from threats, insults and any forms of violence.

It bears reminding that Human rights NGO “Together with the law” works in order to provide the Muslims in Ukraine with free legal advice and assistance in handling documents. They are Muslim-oriented, but won’t deny to provide assistance to non-Muslims as well.

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