First Mosque in Konstantinovka opened its Doors

First Mosque in Konstantinovka
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May, 7th, became the real holiday for the Muslims of Donbass. This day took place solemn opening of the new mosque in Konstantinovka. For the event gathered more than six hundred Muslims of Donbas from the nearby settlements, guests the capital and from abroad.

Thanks to the assistance of the all-Ukraine Association of Social Organizations, the charitable fund "Manabia lkhair" (Kuwait) and to the efforts of the local community was carried out the old dream of the Muslims of Konstantinovka — to have their own mosque.

The cult construction was built in the course of two years. The gilt dome, diameter of 6 meters and height of 5 meters became the real ornament not only of the mosque, but also of Konstantinovka. In the mosque can simultaneously pray 350 believers in beautifully decorated female and male parts of the building. Nowadays Muslims of Konstantinovka do not have to go to the next Donetsk to perform a Friday prayer, or to rent a place for carrying out of Kurban-Bayram or Id Al-Fitr, for this purpose they have a cozy general home, which doors are always opened for all who strive for the good, peace and content of the Almighty.

On the solemn action were present officials: Jamal al-Haddad, the chairman of the charitable fund "Manabia lkhair", Talal al-Hazza, the consul of Kuwait in Ukraine, Ismail Kady, the chairman of the AUASO "Alraid", Said Ismagilov, the Mufti of the RAMU "Ummah", Rustam Abdikeev, the Mufti of the SCMU, Avez Shiraliev, the chairman of the Muslim community "Rodnik" of the city of Konstantinovka. Such event could not lay aside Muslims of Donbass, young and old, who arrived this day from different corners of the region: Lugansk, Torez, Snezhnoye, Krasniy Luch, Stakhanov, Alchevsk. In total for the celebration gathered more than 600 persons.

During the official part, the invited visitors repeatedly praised Allah the Almighty, stated many warm words of gratitude to all who somehow contributed to the erection of this fine mosque.


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