Get to Know Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Blessings Be upon Him)

Lecture in Crimean
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It is not worth saying what a place occupies the best of people in hearts of Muslims. Honorary duty of each of us is to inform others about the knowledge which the Prophet bequeathed as the greatest value.

A word about the exclusive and noble person of the Prophet Muhammad, his high mission which became rescue of many peoples, spiritual lifting of the nations vegetating on suburbs of a human society.

Throughout the whole month of Rabia-al-aval "Alraid" together with the SMMU "Ummah" in the cities of Donbass and with the SMMC in Crimea carried out a number of meetings devoted to the Prophet Muhammad – to an example of his bright and perfect life. One of the meetings, under the title "Muhammad is the Blessing for the Worlds" included the following topics:

1. Love to the Prophet.

2. Behavior of the Prophet with women.

3. Maulud – what we know about it.

They were followed by the performances of the invited visitors. Interested persons could receive answers to their questions at the end of the lecturers' speeches. Such actions are reminders to all of us about life and lessons which we should take for ourselves from life of this outstanding person.

On the example of his life he showed us how to cope with struggles and tests of life. We know what kind of a preacher he was, what kind of a husband and a father. He was in oppression and he was the governor of a huge power, we know, how he behaved with those who once humiliated and pursued him, - how he was able to forgive, having control over destinies of his offenders. We know how he behaved in poverty, how in a prosperity, how in his young ages and how in maturity.

Life movement is prompt, frequently we cannot correspondingly estimate its gifts and take advantage of them, and the lost possibilities cannot be returned any more, he taught us to be fair, sincere, to see true nature of things, and be obedient to the Lord, with his coming the mankind recovered from melancholy.


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