Ismail Kadi: "Muslims are integral Part of Ukrainian Society

The head of the AUASO "Alraid" Ismail Kadi (on the photo in the centre) acquainted the present with centuries-old history of Islam on the territory of Ukraine.
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8-10 of December, in Warsaw (Poland) took place the international symposium "Problems and prospects of the development of Muslim communities of the Central and Eastern Europe". From the Ukrainian part in the meeting participated the head of the all-Ukraine Association of Social Organizations "Аlraid", Ismail Kadi, who acted with the report on a centuries-old history of existence of Islam on the territory of Ukraine and activity of the domestic Muslim organizations.

Conference is prepared by the Organization Islamic conference under the patronship of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Polish Republic. At the opening of the Conference with a salutatory word acted the Secretary general of the Organization Islamic Conference, Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu.

In the action participate delegates from 57 member countries of the OIK and the countries having the status of the observer, and also heads of the Muslim organizations of the countries of the Central and Eastern Europe, representatives of Islamic communities.

Acting before a numerous auditory the head of the AUASO "|Alraid" Ismail Kadi acquainted the present with centuries-old history of Islam on the territory of Ukraine.

Kadi noticed that in Ukraine exists a set of religious Muslim associations which work over representation of Islam to the Ukrainian society; however he more in detail considered activity of the all-Ukraine Association "Alraid".

"From the moment of the Association foundation in 1997 up to nowadays there are hundreds of realized projects in social, religious, educational spheres, let know that "Alraid", here already throughout 13 years, is the leading Islamic organization in education and charities", he said.

As one of priority tasks of the AUASO "Alraid" the chairman of the Association named the report to the Ukrainian society of the truthful information on Islam, realization of intercultural, inter-religious dialogue and increase of spirituality among Muslims of Ukraine.

Also Kadi told and about cooperation in various social projects together with other organizations.

"Priority in these kinds of activity is established depending on conditions in such socially favorable regions as Kiev, Donbass, etc. Preference is given to educational activity, and Crimea more, than other regions requires improvement of vital conditions of its population", he explained, having added that the Association's charitable work is conducted almost in all cities of Ukraine.

"However it does not mean that in other places there is no charitable activities at all. As a rule, there are a number of charitable projects which are annually carried out almost in all organizations. It is the help to orphanages, sick with cerebral palsy, to orphans, material support to the needy, providing with medicines, foodstuff, etc.", Ismail Kadi noted.


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