Lviv ICC Imam Represents Ukrainian Muslims At A High-Profile Qur’an Recitation Contest

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Mr.Murat Suleimanov, a Crimean Tatar and Imam-Khatib at Lviv Muhammad Asad Islamic Cultural Centre Mosque, represents Ukraine at a high-profile Qur’an Recitation Contest in Saudi Arabia, which ends on Ramadan 13 (June 30, 2013).

The contest is not an ordinary, but a more complicated one: here the participants need to know not only the Qur’anic text by heart, but also the historical context and the reasons each ayah was sent, as well as have a sound knowledge of fiqh.

Mr.Abdullah Ali Basfar, the Secretary General at International League of Qur'anic Studies and Learning (Tahfid El Qur’an), greeted the contestants from different countries. He wished them to keep their persistence and serious attitude towards the subject on the high level, and prayed that Allah Almighty made them firm in their adherence for Qur’an and Islam.

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