The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Urged Investigate Attack of "Israel" on "Freedom Flotilla" Vessels

The department noticed that "special concern is caused by the fact of use of weapons, in what result people were killed"
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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine urged to make thorough investigation of the incident with the sea humanitarian escort intended for the inhabitants of Gaza Strip.

In particular in the comment concerning the Israeli armed attack on "Freedom Flotilla" the Department of information policy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine it is stated, "In Ukraine with deep concern was apprehended the message on the incident which occurred on May, 31st, to the sea humanitarian escort intended for the inhabitants of Gaza Strip".

The department also noticed that "special concern is caused by the fact of use of weapons, in what result people were killed".

"We express sincere condolences to families and relatives of victims, and also wishes of recover to the injured, - was noted by the ministry. - We call for carrying out of careful and all-round investigation of circumstances of this incident".

In the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are convinced that the co-coordinated efforts for the purpose of solving of difficult social, economic and humanitarian situation in Gaza Strip will make impossible repetition of similar tragic cases in the future.


The Israeli attack of humanitarian mission for the blockade Gaza caused a storm of protests worldwide.

Protest meeting took place on June, 1st, before the Israeli embassy in Moscow. In it took part approximately 50 persons, states "IslamNews".

In Turkey about 10 thousand persons passed with demonstration from the Israeli consulate in Istanbul to the city central square, crying out slogans and swinging posters with an inscription "Israel" - the murderer".

Protest meetings also took place in Ankara, informs "Islam for all".

In Great Britain the government residence was blocked by hundreds of activists, in their hands there were posters with inscriptions, demanding to stop the Israeli war crimes in Gaza and blockade of this region.

In Greece the police used tear gas against 2500 demonstrators who gathered before the Israeli embassy in Athenes and arranged meeting before the building, demanding termination of the blockade of Gaza.

At the building of the Israeli embassy in Paris took place a collision of hundreds protesting with police, which used for dispersal tear gas and bludgeons. According to the messages of policemen, in the Parisian demonstration participated about 1200 persons.

As it was informed earlier, the head of foreign policy department of the EU Catherine Ashton demanded from "Israel" carrying out of thorough investigation of circumstances of the attack.

The head of the European diplomacy also repeated the requirement "immediately and unconditionally to open a check point on border with Gaza for free movement of humanitarian help, goods and people".

In connection with the incident took place the extraordinary session of the Security Council of the United Nations.

On the board the flotilla there were about 700 activists from different countries of the world, including the USA, Great Britain, Australia, Greece, Canada, Malaysia, Algeria, Serbia, Belgium, Ireland, Norway, Sweden and Kuwait.

The majority of passengers of escort ships are citizens of Turkey.

By the news agency "Ukrayinsky novyny" and other mass-media

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