Muslim’s going to raise 10 thousand hryvnas to support the project "High-quality medicine in Ukrainian villages"

Muslim’s going to raise 10 thousand hryvnas to support the project "High-quality medicine in Ukrainian villages"
Tariq is an avid advocate of a healthy lifestyle. His enlightening lectures and calls to abandon bad habits for the benefit of spiritual and physical health are heard at all events.
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The Muslim, Head of the Department Introduction to the History and Culture of Islam at Alraid All-Ukrainian Association, Tariq Sarkhan, participates in a marathon organized by the Ukrainian Philanthropic Marketplace (UBB). Sheikh Tariq is going to raise UAH 10,000 to support the “High-quality medicine in Ukrainian villages" project. 

"I’ll participate in the marathon to support “High-quality medicine in Ukrainian villages” because I understand the people, who live there, urgently need such project," said Mr Tariq to the UBB website.

The Ukrainian Philanthropic Marketplace is unique, because anyone from anywhere in the world, from Kyiv, Lviv, Brussels, or Sydney, is free to help here in the most convenient way and at the most convenient time. You can find out how to support a specific initiative, such as Sheikh Tariq's race that contributes to the program implementation "High-quality medicine in Ukrainian villages ", by following this link.

Tariq Sarhan is a known participant in numerous charitable and educational projects, actions aimed at developing an inter-religious dialogue and cooperation for the good deeds. Mr. Sarhan shares the knowledge about Islamic history and culture, Muslim nations’ traditions. In addition to that, he is an active promoter of a healthy lifestyle. Not only students of the Islamic Cultural Centre listened to his educational lectures and calls to abandon bad habits in favour to the spiritual and physical health. He is a frequent guest on television and radio programs. Mr. Sarhan also makes videos and shares them on social networks. He cares about the environment and is a co-author and participant in environmental programs implemented by activists of the Alraid Association, including the GreenDeen-based initiative, launched by the Muslims of Ukraine. The last one is the Planting 500 Trees project. Thus, it is quite expected a conscious Muslim will participate in a marathon to support a high-quality medicine in Ukrainian villages.

Charitable Foundation Metropolitan Sheptytsky Hospital is a founder of the project "High-quality medicine in Ukrainian villages" -.

“While thinking about our project, we knew exactly why and whom we were organizing it for. Doctors noticed that patients in country-sides have more health issues than other citizens. That fact has encouraged the hospital administration to start a new medical program that would allow the rural population to identify diseases before it's too late and also motivate villagers to have more responsible attitude to disease prevention – read more here. - Our team decided: if the patient does not go to the doctor, the doctor must come to the patient! We are ready to continue, on a charity basis, examining, advising and training all people who need a help and are unable to obtain quality medical services. If we save one person or prevent at least one disease, our project will not be in vain, though! ”


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