New Work of Center of Middle-East Researches "Islam and Policy of Identity in Crimea: from Symbolical Wars to Recognition of Cultural Diversity" Published

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Authors aimed at investigating of a role of religion in accumulation of potential of the intergroup conflict in Crimea, its influence on formation of scripts of concrete events which can be characterized as display of intergroup confrontation, and to try to estimate ability of the Ukrainian state to prevent conflicts of expressive religious constitute.

About it in February, 17th, stated RISU referring to Maydan-INFORM.

Search of the new, more effective ways of decision of a problem of intergroup conflicts prevention requires, in opinion of experts of the Center, essential reassessment and modernization of the existing approaches, new statement of the problem, with objective of its transition into more practical plane. The report contains certain recommendations, addressed to the organizations of a civil society and state bodies.

The edition became possible owing to the cooperation with the Publishing House "Stylos", known for its cultural and scientific book projects.

Research was carried out within the limits of the project "Muslims and Authority: Test for Civil Tolerance" with the assistance of the IF "Revival".


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