Not completed Mosque near Simferopol was set Fire to destabilize Situation in Crimea, – consider in RAMC

Not completed mosque which suffered from fire
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The Religious Administration of Muslims of Crimea considers the fire which happened in the building of the mosque in Zhigulina Roscha (near the village Mirnoe, the Simferopol area) to be a "purposeful attempt of destabilization of inter-confessional peace in Crimea" and demands from law enforcement bodies "acceptance of immediate measures on revealing of the persons who made an arson and bringing them to the court". About it is told in the official statement of the chairman of the RAMC, the Mufti of Crimea, Emirali Ablaev, extended by the press-service of the Religious Administration.

In the statement, in particular, is stated that as a result of the fire which took place in the night from 24th to 25th of December, 2010, in the building of the mosque was "completely burnt out and fell the roof recently finished by building and, owing to the influence of heat which has arisen from burning of wooden designs of the building has fallen the top parts of the laid out walls and partitions were essentially deformed".

By estimation the direct damage from the fire makes about 100 thousand grivnas.

The RAMC declares that "indications of local residents and the character of the fire allows to assert with a high share of probability that the cause of the fire, which destroyed the roof of the mosque and partially damaged its walls, is an arson – the deliberate criminal action made by an unstated person or a group of persons".

"The happened caused a special resonance and indignation in the Muslim Ummah of Crimea", the statement goes.

In its turn, the RAMC shares special concern of Muslims of Crimea that "because of the irresponsible relation of law enforcement bodies to disclosing of previous acts of vandalism, including attempt of an arson of a mosque of Seit-Settar, the massacres which took place in February and April, 2008, on Muslim cemeteries in the village of Uvarovka, Nizhnegorsky area, and in the village of Chistenkoye, the Simferopol area, the actions of the provokers get the character of a direct attack and bear direct threat to human lives".

Thus Muslims of Crimea recognize that "actions of the provokers have no relation to true faith and are equally rejected by followers of all creeds".

The Religious Administration of Muslims of Crimea supports accepted in these days Muslim communities of Crimea decisions on rendering of the urgent help by them in restoration of a building of a mosque of Zhigulina Roscha massif, destroyed owing to the fire.

Muslims of Crimea call all inhabitants of the peninsula, irrespective of their creed and nationality, for preservation of peace and consent.

By the press-service of the RAMC

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