The President of Ukraine Congratulated Ukrainian Muslims

The President of Ukraine Congratulated Ukrainian Muslims
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Victor Yushchenko congratulated Muslims with the beginning of the sacred month Ramadan. “I greatly respect your efforts, directed at the strengthening of values of Islam as religion of peace, mercy and love”, said in his congratulation V. Yushchenko, released on September 12 on the official site of the President.

The President wished Muslims of Ukraine further successes in the development of Ukrainian society, enrichment of its culture by its national traditions and strengthening of high spiritual and moral principles for the sake of preservation of consent and mutual understanding between nations. “May Ramadan – the blessed time of a sincere prayer and repentance clean your souls and grant salubrity, prosperity and successes”, these words complete the greeting.

Congratulation of the President of Ukraine to Ukrainian Muslims (in the language of the original)

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